A rice cooker is a useful appliance that easily and effortlessly cooks rice to perfection on your counter top. There is no worry about timing the cooking process or burning the rice. Don’t settle for cooking only rice in your rice cooker, however. There are many other foods that can be made in the rice cooker with minimal effort and mess.


Rice is the obvious food to make in a rice cooker. The benefit of using a rice cooker for making rice is that most can be programmed to cook a variety of different rices perfectly. Prepare regular white rice, jasmine rice, sushi rice and brown rice in a rice cooker simply by setting the cooker to the recommended time and starting it.

Rice can also be reheated in a rice cooker with delicious results. Place cold rice in the rice cooker, add a small amount of water if desired and cook for 10 to 15 minutes.

Make a delicious rice pudding by placing cooked rice, nutmeg, cinnamon, honey and raisins in the rice cooker. Add enough milk to create a pudding consistency and cook until thickened and bubbly.

Baked Bread

Bake a fast and easy loaf of quick bread. Choose a standard quick bread recipe that will yield one loaf of bread. Suggestions include banana, zucchini or pumpkin bread. Prepare the bread batter and grease the inside of the rice cooker crock. Pour the batter into the crock, making sure it does not fill the crock more than half full. Set the rice cooker to the “cook” mode and allow the rice cooker to progress through one standard rice cooking cycle. Check after the first cycle and if the bread is not baked enough, start a second cycle. Monitor the bread through the second cycle and stop the baking when the bread is fully baked. Remove the crock and cool the bread before removing from the crock.


Prepare pasta and sauce dishes together in a rice cooker in a simple one-dish method.

Place 1.5 cups of pasta and 1.5 cups of broth or water into the rice cooker. Add 1 cup of milk. Set the rice cooker to “cook” and it will begin to cook the pasta. Open the rice cooker periodically and stir to prevent sticking. When the rice cooker switches to “warm”, add 1.5 cups of shredded cheese and any other seasonings desired. Stir well to melt the cheese. Reset the rice cooker to “cook” one more time and it will cook for only a few minutes and set itself to “warm” again. Keep the pasta warm in the rice cooker until ready to serve.

Experiment with other sauces such as tomato-based sauces and different pasta shapes for a different pasta dish every time.

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