When it comes to shopping for a new swimsuit for ladies with a large bust, the question isn’t where to buy, it’s what to buy. In fact, most major department stores carry such a wide range of swimsuits, from flirty bikinis to sporty one pieces and everything in between, that it might be hard to pick just one. Knowing what works for your curvy shape is the first step to hitting the pool or beach with confidence, and by adhering to a few simple style guidelines, you can do just that.

Halter Top

Many women resort to wearing a more modest one piece to get the support they need for their chests, but the right bikini does the job just as well. Instead of donning something dowdy, look for a sexy two piece that comes with a halter style top that fastens behind the neck, providing lots of lift for ample busts. A halter top with a nice, wide band underneath and thick straps will provide the most support and be the most comfortable.


Another bikini top option for women with larger chests is one with underwire. Just as with a bra, the underwire in a swimsuit top helps keep the top in place and provides secure support. Many of these underwire tops are also sold separately by cup size, which is convenient for two reasons. First, women with large chests are often small on the bottom and will wear a smaller size bikini bottom than they will a top. Second, shopping by cup size will help you get a customized fit, which like your best fitting bras, provides plenty of coverage and prevents spilling over.

One Piece

If you’re looking for a suit that provides more coverage around the midsection, go for a one piece. As with a bikini, halter straps on a one piece will lift your chest which, in addition to providing support, makes your tummy look slim and trim. A one piece in a dark, solid color is the most slimming, especially when made with tight, springy fabrics that hold your bust up and your belly in. Steer clear of cotton and opt for a suit made out of nylon or Lycra.


While solid colors can be slenderizing, patterns can create an optical illusion that helps camouflage a larger chest. In order to minimize, not maximize your chest, stick with small, geometric patterns. The larger the pattern, the larger the area it is covering will look.