Purple purses have become an amazing trend. Everyone from celebrities on the red carpet to little girls at the park flock to purple handbags, clutches and totes — all in the quest for that perfect purple purse. A must-have for virtually any fashion occasion, this color of bag is so versatile that the style possibilities are limitless.

Go Bright

If you’re opting to wear colors like neon green or hot pink, a bright purple purse might be just what your outfit needs. This look is fun, casual and can be your go-to look for a day out. As with any colorful outfit, be mindful of proportions. Bright colors can look amazing but can quickly become overkill. For example, if you are wearing a bright loose blouse or sweater, choose a small purple purse like a clutch or a wristlette. If you are wearing a fitted yellow dress, grab a purple crossbody purse or an over-sized shoulder bag.

A Night Out

That little black dress that goes with everything also looks amazing with a purple purse. Black is the ideal canvas for a myriad of accessory options. You can add a bright purple purse — either big or small — to be the pop of color your outfit needs. This also works when wearing a gold or silver ensemble — a purple purse also complements these colors beautifully, bringing a dash of youthful energy to an otherwise sophisticated outfit.

All-Over Purple

If you are a die-hard purple fanatic and are bold enough to wear the hue from head to toe, make sure your purple purse is a different tone of purple so that it complements your outfit instead of blending in with it. Colors like fuchsia, magenta, violet and amethyst all work well together. For example, if you’re wearing a lavender dress, a dark purple purse will be tasteful touch to your look.

The Right Shades

When choosing to accessorize with a purple purse, remember to consider the occasion. For example, a day out at the park may call for softness, like pastel attire and a lilac purse. A night at the club likely calls for going bright with a cobalt-blue dress and a vivid purple clutch. From fun and festive to reserved and conservative, purple has its place — just be sure you pick your shade accordingly.