Having a thin frame means your bones are smaller than average and you have a low body mass index. People with thin frames often have trouble shopping for clothes because the smallest sizes can be too large or too long. You might think very thin or small people can wear anything and look fabulous. But if you are extremely thin, short or bony, certain articles of clothing can emphasize these characteristics. Choosing the right fabrics, shapes and styles can make your figure look fuller. It also helps to know what not to wear to call attention to a thin frame.

A Very Thin Upper Body

Some women have a very thin upper body with protruding collar bones and a minimal bust. Although it can be quite fashionable, it also can bring unwanted attention. Even if you are a healthy weight, the boniness of your upper body can make you look too gaunt. To de-emphasize the chest and shoulder area, avoid low cut tops and dresses, skinny straps, and backless gowns. When it comes to swimwear, avoid tops that are too big, as the bagginess will emphasize your thin frame. Instead, choose structured tops with higher necklines and thick or flowing fabrics. Avoid tight fitting tops and tight dresses and instead opt for loosely draped and flowing dresses or tops.

Skinny Legs

If you want to avoid calling attention to skinny legs, avoid overly tight pants, short skirts, dark colors and pinstripes. Brighter colors, especially white, can make legs look fuller. Longer skirts and flowing or layered skirts can also add volume to the leg area. Avoid sky high heels and instead opt for low heels, flats and boots. High heels make your legs look even skinnier, especially in the calves.

Short and Skinny

If you have a thin frame and are also short, avoid baggy clothes. Baggy clothes on a short, thin person emphasize smallness. Take pants and dresses to a tailor to have them fitted to your measurements. Skirts and pants can be hemmed and dresses can be taken in. Avoid cropped pants and capri styles if you want to look taller. A long pant should cover your ankles when you sit down.

Tall and Thin

If you are tall and have a thin frame, avoid pants that are too tight or too short. When trying on pants, sit down in them before deciding if they fit. Avoid clinging fabrics and very thin fabrics. Also avoid baggy pants. A baggy top can look great, but when paired with very baggy pants, it will look like you’re “swimming” in your clothes and therefore emphasize your thin frame.