If you want to dazzle your date on prom night, create a traffic-stopping look from head to toe. Your dress, shoes, jewelry, hair and makeup have to coordinate in style and color. From bright cherry to rich crimson, red party dresses never go out of style. Whether the dress is long or short, sleek or embellished, the right makeup helps complete the look. Makeup should be fun and super sassy, just like the bold color choice of your ensemble.

Fiery Red Dress

Fiery red hues have a bit of orange tone to them and are a little lighter than a true red. This type of red is most flattering on darker skin tones, but can work for anyone when paired with the right makeup. Try a more coral toned blush rather than rosy, so it doesn’t clash with the dress. Pairing a red lipstick with this color dress can be tough, so bring your dress makeup shopping to match the shade perfectly. You can also focus on playing up your eyes with a golden or bronze eye shadow or a brown smokey eye, and then do a more understated lip like a light peachy hue.

Cherry Red Dress

A cherry red dress has a true red color that’s not too bright, but also wouldn’t be classified as dark red. This is the most common red shade and possibly the best to pair with matching lipstick. First, start with blush that complements your skin tone. True red blush can be harsh on fair skin, so try a mauve shade instead. If you’re naturally tan, go for a soft, rosy red blush. Pair sleek black liquid eyeliner with red lipstick, or keep lips a neutral nude color and do a shimmering silver smokey eye. Heavy eyes and a true red lip can look a bit heavy, so play up your best feature and go light on the other.

Rich Crimson Dress

The sizzling crimson hue is reminiscent of a red delicious apple. Darker than a true red, crimson is universally flattering and rich. Warm, pinkish red blush helps enhance that allover shade and looks lovely on just about any skin tone. Instead of thick black eyeliner, try a sparkling brown eye shadow with hints of gold for a glowing look. Pair that bold eye with a sheer red lip or shimmery gold. Smudge a dark gray or black eye pencil on the top and bottom lash lines for a subtle smokey eye look, and add a crimson lip to complement the shade of your dress.

Deep Burgundy Dress

Burgundy is one of the darkest shades of red. Lots of dark makeup with a burgundy dress can create a kind of gothic feel, so if that’s not your style, keep it light. Dark red blush looks pretty when applied properly, so use very light brush strokes and layer it on until it’s just enough. Stick with a lightly lined eye and lots of black mascara with a matching burgundy lipstick so the color really pops. Soft muted pink and black cat eye style liner looks fresh and fun.