Freezing homemade soup can prove a time-saver for those busy days when you cannot make soups from scratch. Most types of soups freeze well, but will have a different texture upon thawing and reheating.

Vegetable Soups

Soups made with firm or undercooked vegetables such as carrots can freeze well. Vegetables such as cabbage, celery, cucumber and parsley tend to become soggy. Potatoes tend to become mushy or mealy following freezing and thawing.

Meat-based Soups

Meat-based soups include beef, chicken and turkey with vegetables. Meats with a high salt content such as ham or bacon may not freeze well.

Pasta and Rice Soups

Pasta soups with a non-creamy broth can freeze well if the pasta is still on the firm side or undercooked. Another option includes adding pasta when reheating the soup. Brown rice and wild rice will soften, but often have a firmer texture than white or converted rice.


Because liquids expand when frozen, you need to leave at least a half-inch of air space at the top of the container.

Thawed cream soups tend to separate. You can whisk this cream soup when reheating to re-blend.