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Ice cream cones transform frozen dairy confections, such as ice cream and frozen yogurt, into transportable treats in an edible containers. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, are made from different ingredients and vary in their degree of sweetness. Many ice cream and frozen yogurt shops parlors offer customers a choice of ice cream cone types with their purchase. Cones can also be purchased at supermarkets.

Cake Cones

These were the earliest types of cones and range in size from single scoop cones to designs that hold three scoops side by side. They are made from cake, tapioca, pastry flour or a combination thereof and have a crisp, light texture with minimal sweetness. Cake cones typically have flat bottoms, a slightly larger top half and a distinct rim around the top to catch spills from melting ice cream. The interior bottom of the cone has a grid pattern that helps hold the ice cream in place. Cake cones are sometimes cone-shaped with pointed bottoms but retain all the other characteristics.

Sugar Cones

Sugar cones have conical shapes, are thicker and harder than cake cones, have a distinct sweet flavor and typically come in small and large sizes. The brown, crispy cones have no inner grid or rim around the smoothly finished edge around the top. Sugar cones with chocolate glazed interiors are sometimes available.

Waffle Cones

This type is larger than a sugar cone with a thinner construction, a similar sweet taste and a rough, unfinished upper edge. Some waffle cones are made from batter, individually baked on waffle irons and shaped at the time the ice cream order is placed. Their primitive construction makes them more likely to leak than cake or sugar cones, so they are commonly served with the bottom wrapped in a napkin or other protective paper.

Waffle Bowls

These ice cream holders are made from oversize pieces of waffle cone and formed into a bowl that can hold up to three scoops of ice cream. They are also used as holders for ice cream sundaes and other specialty ice cream dishes.

Specialty Cones

Sugar cones used in the manufacturing of pre-filled ice cream novelties, such as Drumsticks, are thicker and stronger than regular types to withstand the weight of ingredients and hold up during shipping and handling. Miniature ice cream cones are available at retail cake decoration outlets and craft stores for use in decorating cakes, cookies and other desserts and sweets.

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