In 1872, Jacob Davis wrote a letter to Levi Strauss. Davis, a tailor and Strauss customer, had purchased fabric from Strauss and developed a metal rivet pant. In his letter Davis requested funds to pay the required fees to secure a patent for his designs. Since then the Levi Strauss company is known worldwide for including denim jeans as well as other silhouettes within their collections. Inseam length goes hand-in-hand with bottom silhouettes for both men and women. In recent years, denim designers have changed the inseam length for both genders. For those trendsetting young men and women sporting bright colored or pattern sneakers as part of their ensemble, wearing the correct inseam highlights the selected footwear.

Skinny and Slim Jean

Form-fitting, high- or-low-rise skinny jeans for women as well as slim fit for men have remained part of in-trend styling for several seasons. Levi designers have transitioned the style from spring to fall by changing the denim weight and fabrication type giving customers a wider selection range. Whether you choose a traditional denim wash or colored denim bottom, the tapered leg highlights the sneakers. For instance, certain women’s styles, like the skinny jean, finish at the ankle featuring your footwear. Other styles, like the boyfriend skinny jean that has a relaxed 5-pocket fit with an extended length, give you room to roll the cuffs accentuating your sneakers. Men’s styles, like the 511 slim fit, achieve the same look with a narrow leg finishing at the ankle. If you want to match your sneakers’ color shade to a particular print color, choose archived silhouettes like Levi’s x Liberty boyfriend skinny jean for women. This style has reinterpreted archived print inserts for matching.

Straight Leg

A slight curve from the waist to the hip with a straight and slim cut around the hip and thigh describes Levi’s straight leg jean. Although inseam length varies, most straight legs finish at or just below the ankle. This women’s style, with the wider leg opening generally finishing at 14-3/4-inches, frames your footwear by diverting the focal point from the hip to the bottom hem. Men wearing the 513 slim straight jean achieve the same look. This men’s style slims the leg, seat and thigh, finishing just at or below the ankle framing the sneakers, and is available in colors to match sneaker colors or patterns.


Whether you choose to roll the cuffs, the mid-length jean finishes below the knee, leaving distance between the bottom hem and your footwear. This style, primarily reserved for women, features your sneaker’s color, pattern or print. For example, choose women’s styles like the 515 belted Capri in metro red to feature sneaker embellishments like neon-colored laces. Another style that features your sneakers is the 529 Capri. This style tapers the leg from the thigh area to the bottom hem. If you are a plus or petite fit, check with your local retailer or on the Internet site for Capri styles available in these sizes.

Crop Bottoms and Cut Offs

Although denim is often synonymous with Levi’s, the 5-pocket jean manufacturer also produces other fabric type bottoms, such as cropped chinos made of laundered twill that adds a soft-hand to the fabric’s surface texture. This cropped bottom finishes at the midway point of the knee and ankle with certain styles finishing at the calf as well. This inseam length mixed with the fabric type gives you the opportunity to pair high-end sneakers that usually include fabric inserts, embellishments and trim detailing. Men wearing high-end footwear can opt for the 511 Skinny Cut Off Jean which finishes just above the knee with contrast stitching.