A quick manicure can make a great difference in the appearance of your nails. A good manicure can result in well-cared hands, cuticles and nails. Manicures also can be very relaxing. The manicure begins with a water soak to rejuvenate the skin. The cuticles are pushed back and the nails are shaped. You can then choose to get them buffed and apply nail polish.

Normal Manicure

A normal manicure treatment begins with soaking the hands and nails in warm water. Exfoliation to remove dead skin and a pressure point hand and arm massage follow. The nails are clipped and shaped and buffed, then nail polish is applied.

Caribbean Manicure

The Caribbean manicure treatment includes exfoliation, application of a hydrating mask, hand and arm massage, nail shaping and buffing, then application of nail polish. The products used for the manicure include exotic fruit and plant ingredients from the Caribbean. The treatment is truly rejuvenating and nurturing for the nails and hands. The tropical experience is sure to make you feel like you’re on a wistful Caribbean mini-vacation.

Normal Manicure vs. Caribbean Manicure

The process of both the regular manicure and Caribbean manicure is the same. However, the range of products used to carry out the treatment are different. The Caribbean manicure uses special herbs, exotic fruits and nut oils and lotions that are grown in the Caribbean. These products are slightly more expensive than the normal manicure. The Caribbean manicure is essentially a spa treatment. Thus, there is no doubt you would be pampered throughout the treatment. The idea is to relax you, make you feel rejuvenated with beautiful nails after the treatment. The normal manicure in contrast is a daily routine treatment for your hands and nails, which aims to clean and make your hands and nails look fresher and cleaner.

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