Whether you are making a sushi roll or a roll on a crusty bun, the quality of the shrimp and avocado make or break the dish. Beyond those ingredients, the dressing you use and the other ingredients you add to the rolls can vary depending on your own preferences. Classic ingredients that pair well with the flavors of rock shrimp and avocado work for either type of roll.

The Stars of the Show

Mild-flavored rock shrimp are smaller than typical shrimp and cook more quickly, needing only about 35 seconds for boiling or two minutes for broiling. You can boil or saute them for sushi or bread rolls or batter and fry them for bread rolls. No matter what kind of rolls you make, ensure that the avocado is completely ripe for the best flavor. The skin of ripe avocados is completely dark and the fruit has a slight give when you press it.

Crunchy Vegetables

Crunchy vegetables, such as asparagus, radishes, cucumbers or sprouts, add texture and brightness to shrimp and avocado rolls of any kind. Some sushi rolls include thinly sliced carrots. Other ingredients whose flavors pair with avocado and shrimp include bell peppers or red onion, sliced thinly for sushi or chopped finely for a sandwich roll. Thinly sliced celery is also typical in shrimp and avocado rolls on a bun.

The Dressing

Sushi rolls typically come with a soy dipping sauce to add saltiness to the roll and sushi rice which is flavored with vinegar and sugar — with the shrimp for savory umami, the avocado for earthiness and the vegetables for hints of bitterness, the roll has all the elements of taste included. Some shrimp and avocado rolls on a bun use herbs in the dressing, such as tarragon and chives to add a bitter note, lemon juice for brightness and mayonnaise for richness and salty notes.

Offbeat Additions

In addition to shrimp and avocado, some sushi rolls contain crab, others contain salmon or mango slices, and some contain both mango and salmon. For a rock shrimp and avocado sandwich, nontraditional ingredients might include celery seeds, capers, corn kernels or thinly sliced fennel. Bacon also pairs well with both shrimp and avocado and would give the sandwich a dose of salty and savory flavors.