Eye or eyelid tape is a beauty product that is placed on the upper eyelid to create the look of a crease where one does not already exist (the “double eyelid” effect). This clear, adhesive tape also can help reduce the appearance of drooping eyelids by improving the definition of the existing crease.


Eye tape comes in small, crescent-shaped strips that are available in different sizes to fit different eye shapes. You can also cut custom eye-tape strips from clear medical adhesive tape and shape them to fit your eyelids more precisely. Eye tape is transparent on the skin and can be used with makeup. It is primarily sold on the Internet although it can sometimes be found in beauty supply stores.


Although many people are born with a natural eyelid crease, many others have a minimal crease or no crease and wish to have the double-eyelid appearance usually associated with a more defined upper eyelid. For this reason, eye tape is used as a beauty enhancement. Eye tape also temporarily corrects drooping upper eyelids, a symptom that is common with age. The tape provides support to the upper lids, which can help improve both appearance as well as your scope of vision.


Thoroughly cleanse your eyelids before applying the tape. Eye-tape kits come with a “Y” shaped applicator tool that is pushed gently into the eyelid where you want the crease to appear. Position the strip, which is very sticky, on the lid near the lash line, where it generally stays in place for 12 to 18 hours. Some brands come with a gel that you apply first, allowing you to easily readjust the strips until they are positioned properly. The gel sets after a minute or two.

Pros and Cons

Eye tape is reportedly comfortable, invisible on the skin and helps create the illusion of larger eyes. But eye tape is only a temporary enhancement, and it can take time and practice to learn how to position it correctly. The product also requires daily maintenance and occasionally may cause skin irritation.


Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is the only way to make a distinct crease that will last or–in the case of drooping lids–remove excess skin that causes the drooping effect. For those considering this procedure, eye tape can help you preview the results and get an idea of how your eyes might appear after surgery.