What Is a Roman Nose?

By Hallie Engel

The shape of a nose can define the face, enhancing masculinity or femininity, or just adding a dose of character. There's no mistaking a long, oftentimes curved Roman nose with its high, strong bridge and downward-facing tip. Sometimes, the Roman nose is referred to as aquiline, which comes from the Latin term for eagle, as it's said to resemble the bird's hooked beak.

Sculpture of mans face
credit: Daniel Wentz/iStock/Getty Images
Close-up of roman statue.

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Traits Associated with the Roman Nose

According to the Daily Mail, the Roman nose is one of 14 types of human noses and is said to be associated with people who are "ambitious, courageous and clear-thinking." Roughly nine percent of the population is believed to have a Roman nose, making it somewhat rare.