Mosaic powder consists of three or more shades of blush, bronzer or facial powder pressed together in one compact. The mixture of several shades allows for a more seamless, blended effect that provides a soft natural look.


Mosaic powder is applied using a medium or large brush. Users should dip their brush into the powder compact and swirl it around in a circular motion to collect multiple pigments on the brush. The powder should then be applied to the cheek bones, forehead and neck using light brush strokes.


Mosaic powder comes in several shades. Neutral mosaic powders come in a variety of beige and tan flesh tones and are used to cover blemishes or hide other imperfections on the skin. Blush mosaics come in pink shades and are used to add a flush of color to the face and highlight the cheek bone area. Bronzer mosaics come in tan and golden brown shades. They are commonly used to emulate the effect that a natural sun tan would have on the skin.

Where to Buy

Mosaic powders can be purchased at a variety of locations such as drug stores, grocery stores, mass retailers, department stores and specialty cosmetic shops like Sephora and Ulta. Pricing depends upon the brand, but generally ranged between $5 and $50 for a basic compact in 2010.