Filling a cake with rainbow colors is one way to make it even more kid-friendly, and there are several ways to do this. Some cooks incorporate food coloring into the layers, and others drizzle colorful gelatin dessert mix into the finished cake. A confetti cake is among the most colorful and festive in appearance, and it’s arguably the simplest of all. Fundamentally, it’s nothing more than an ordinary white cake with colorful candy sprinkles added.

Making Your Cake

Confetti cake mixes are readily available from several manufacturers, but the cake can just as easily be homemade. Choose a light, airy recipe, and mix up your cake. Once the batter is finished, gently fold in colorful candy sprinkles — oblong “jimmies” are more visible in the finished cake than the smaller, round variety — and divide your batter between cake pans. For a standard-sized recipe making two 9-inch rounds, you’ll need roughly 1/3 to 1/2 cup of sprinkles. As the cake bakes, the sugar-based decorations dissolve into the batter, leaving the cake with a random pattern of bright, confetti-like dots of color.

Decorating Your Cake

Confetti cakes are usually decorated to reflect their multicolored interior, with additional sprinkles on a background of pure white icing. For example, you might sprinkle multi-colored jimmies around the edge of the cake to make a border, or use swaths of individual colors to create a rainbow. For a more finished appearance, use cookie cutters in fun shapes as “stencils.” Position each cutter on your cake as desired, and then fill it with a single layer of jimmies or round sprinkles. When you lift off the cutter, a clean-edged shape will be left behind on the cake’s surface.