A chocolate pot is a container made from of metal or porcelain, designed to serve hot chocolate. The pot will generally be long and narrow and have a handle that stands at a right angle to the spout. One way to distinguish a chocolate pot from a coffee or a tea pot is in the presence of a wooden stirring rod that fits downward through the center of the lid. The rod is used to whip the chocolate to create a foam before serving. Coffee pots also tend to have longer spouts than chocolate pots.

History of the Chocolate Pot

The first chocolate pots date back to ancient civilizations; however, they were not popularized until the 18th century in Europe. At that time, pots were usually made of silver or precious metals and were often engraved with a family emblem. The cocoa used to make hot chocolate was very expensive, so it was a treat reserved primarily for the upper echelon. When chocolate became more available to the masses in the 19th century, manufacturers started making pots from different materials including china and porcelain. These pots often were decorated with floral patterns and produced largely in France and Japan.