According to “The Bride’s Book of Etiquette,” the hem of a ballet-length dress “reaches to the center of the calf or to ankle length.” Ballet-length is a popular style for a wedding dress.

Other Names

Ballet-length is also known as mid-calf or waltz-length. The variety of names may result from the range a ballet-length skirt may encompass. A ballet-length hem falls from 6 to 12 inches from the floor.


In his history of the years between 1937 and 1946, Walter Yust describes the sudden appearance of the ballet-length dress in evening wear in autumn 1941 fashion collections. The new fashion “put a new emphasis on foot and shoe,” and was accepted by the public, as it had not been before.

Other Wedding Uses

In addition to the option of a ballet-length dress, a bride may choose a ballet-length veil. In “Wedding For All Seasons,” Bette Matthews recommends a ballet-length dress for a flower girl. She “will be concentrating on the job of sprinkling petals evenly in the aisle; you don’t want her to worry about tripping on her dress.”