Gold Bond products are used to relieve itching and dry skin. They come in the form of lotion, ointments and powder. Gold Bond foot powder is used to relieve itching and to cool feet with its main ingredient, menthol, and also to soothe and protect skin with the zinc oxide it contains. These Gold Bond products, including the foot powder, have been providing medicated relief since 1908.

Proper Use

Gold Bond powder should be used on clean, dry skin to best relieve itch and pain. It helps soothe skin after cuts, sunburn, insect bites, burns, rashes and scrapes. Gold Bond recommends using this powder right after a shower or bath, or after exercising, for best results. Skin should be completely dry before applying the powder. The powder provides a cooling effect, which is especially pleasant after a hot shower or bath.

Gold Bond and Hot Water

When mixed with hot water, the Gold Bond powder turns into a paste. When applying powder to skin, skin should be completely dry to avoid an unpleasant, wet paste from forming on your skin. A paste also forms if the Gold Bond is mixed into a bowl of hot water.


Creating a paste out of Gold Bond and hot water could actually be beneficial for you. According to Unknown Skin Disease (, a website providing tips on how to deal with skin disease such as fiber disease syndrome, a mixture of Gold Bond and hot water is a cheap, beneficial solution to soothing skin. First, take a hot shower or bath; the steam will make skin more absorbent. Then, mix the Gold Bond powder with hot water in a bowl until you get a mixture that resembles pancake batter. Then, apply this mixture to your skin and wait for it to dry — about one to two hours. To remove the mixture, take a hot shower or bath. You may need to scrub it off your skin. Repeat if necessary.


You can use the paste formed when Gold Bond is mixed with hot water anywhere on your body to relieve itching. Cover the area where you will be sitting with a towel or a bed sheet that you don’t mind getting dirty, wash the affected area with hot water, then apply the mixture and wait until it dries. You can use it to relieve a rash, cut or burn; relieve a sunburn; soothe your feet; or relieve athlete’s foot. This paste, as compared with dry Gold Bond powder, stays on skin longer and is more easily absorbed, since the powder itself is often absorbed into clothing.