Every woman wants to wear cute shoes that complement her dress well, regardless of the occasion. Not long ago, matching your shoes with your bag was a popular mantra, as was coordinating shoe colors with your outfit. But today, in 2011, stylists and designers recognize no single shoe color is right for every dress. Instead, the style of your dress and the occasion dictate the most appropriate color of shoe.


Black shoes are the most obvious choice for a rose and black dress, but must be chosen based on the dress style and occasion. For example, wearing a black dress with decorative rose ribbon trim and embellished buttons to work requires a classic, subtle shoe color, like black. You must balance your highly detailed dress with a less conspicuous shoe color. For conservative environments, brightly colored shoes only distract from the details of your clothing and make you look scattered.


For a conservative, well-tailored black and rose dress, brightly colored turquoise pumps make your outfit pop. Coordinating the color tones is essential, so for a dress with vibrant rose, choose an equally brightly toned turquoise shoe. However, for a dress containing dusted rose, choose a muted, flat shade of turquoise. Avoid wearing shoes with multiple shades of turquoise as this becomes chaotic on an outfit with three different colors.


For a glamorous gown containing equal parts rose and black, metallic shoes offer the ultimate decorative punch. Choose between gold or silver shoes based on the warmth of the rose color in your dress. For example, a dress sporting a shade of rose that falls closer to pink than grey pairs well with warm-toned gold shoes. Conversely, a dress where the shade of rose is closer to grey than pink necessitates cool-toned silver shoes.


Rose shoes complement a rose and black dress well only if the amount of rose on the dress is secondary to the black. For example, rose-colored shoes accent a dress that’s primarily black with rose pink buttons, piping or trim. Another instance when rose-colored shoes work well is when one section of the dress is completely rose, such as the bodice, lapels or sleeves. Avoid wearing rose-colored shoes if the dress is primarily rose with minimal black, in which case you should 640 to black shoes.