You’re always one step ahead of your competition and you make an unforgettable impression on the people you meet. Like the fierce lion of your astrological sign, you’re always on the hunt for the most unforgettable and unique fashions. Your friends know you to be a trendsetter and strangers often admire your bold, fire-inspired style choices. It’s possible to go overboard, though. Don’t worry: Leos Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Halle Berry have had the same problem on occasion. You simply require a general understanding of Leo style and how to apply it to your look.


Like Superman, the Leo draws her strength from the sun. The flaming sun is your passionate ruler and colors associated with it give you a sense of charisma and an extra boost of confidence. Choosing warm colors should be done with caution; even Leos can get burned. Determine which shades and hues work best with your season’s complexion: If you’re an autumn and gold jewelry is more attractive on you than silver, you may be one of the lucky few who can wear citrus colors magnificently. Although red flatters winter and autumn skin tones best, there are numerous shades of red that can work well for springs and summers. In the article, “Dress to Suit Your Skin,” style guide Miranda Matthews recommends placing several different shades against your skin to determine which reds clash and which complement your skin.


Before all other considerations, look at design. You know what looks good, at least in theory. You look your best when wearing clothes that were designed specifically for your body type. For example, Leos with a fuller figure find that pliable, draped fabrics like jersey and flat front pants or skirts accentuate good physical features and hide problem areas. Conversely, petite Leos can wear materials like brocade, velvet or chiffon and avoid layers to enjoy a strong, fuller silhouette.


Leos are naturally creative and tend to be leaders. Consequently, they are drawn to the latest, most current fashions. You’re inspired by the newest designer collections and find their creative inspirations very appealing. You can have the most up-to-date looks and stay within your budget by utilizing your creative gifts. Mix and match styles in a way that simultaneously flatters your body type and illustrates your uniquely Leo personality. For example, accentuate a neutral colored pant suit with shoes in the season’s top bold colors. Similarly, you can add a pop of character to your professional attire with colorful scarves, vintage jewelry or a chic new statement bag.

Designer Inspiration

Astrologer sisters Tali and Ophira Edut, known as the Astrotwins, assert that Leo’s best fashion inspirations come from designers Roberto Cavalli and Dolce & Gabbana. Cavalli’s work is known for its notably Leo flamboyance, glam influences and use of animal prints. notes that Roberto Cavalli’s larger-than-life decadence is often translated into his collections. Dolce & Gabbana invigorate the power outfit with strong lines and sleek designs, perfect for the corporate-climbing Leo. also points out that the design house’s signature looks include leopard prints, corset dresses and three-piece pant suits. When you begin to feel that your fast-paced, high-pressure world has sapped you of your creative ability, turn to these designers for bold, Leo-appropriate inspiration.