Baby doll dresses are a popular style named such because they are shorter in length and often look similar in style to the dress of a little girl. Everyone has a different body type and the same thing doesn’t always flatter those unique shapes. If you want to look your best, understanding your body type and what works (or doesn’t) is of the utmost importance.

Boyish Shape

Baby doll dresses help those with a boyish shape by creating the illusion of more fullness and curves. Since a baby doll dress is flowing, it can create an appearance that you are heavier than you truly are. For the best appearance, pair it with a belt worn high up on the waist to define your waist.

Full-Figured Women

Full-figured women can also look great in a baby doll dress as it hides imperfections and fuller areas of the body that one might be self-conscious about. Busty women are able to wear baby doll dresses without being inappropriate. Also, several baby doll dresses are made with built-in cups or support to better accentuate a woman’s curves.

Long Legs

Baby doll dresses are known for being shorter in length. Therefore, they work well with women with long legs. The short length shows off long legs, but those with shorter legs can still wear them well when paired with high heels or platforms.