Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) was originally used as an industrial cleaning compound. Before long, however, it was discovered that it contains several benefits for the body. Although controversial and not yet endorsed by the FDA, it is still widely regarded as an alternative medicine.


DMSO allows antigens to attach to cells. This helps alleviate those cells from having an allergic reaction to various stimuli.

Down Syndrome

Use of DMSO has been reported to aid in the reversal of some abnormalities in people with Down Syndrome. In some cases, a reversal in the physical appearance has been reported.

Pain Reduction

DMSO reportedly alleviates pain by numbing nerve endings. The impulses of pain are then slowed, or not reported, back to the brain.

Sinus Relief

DMSO is said to aid in sinus relief. Nasal passages are opened within moments of usage.

X-Ray Protection

DMSO may help shield the body from the harmful effects of X-rays and other medical penetration procedures.


DMSO is believed to help increase metabolism. This helps the body burn fat and turn it into energy.

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