While some beauty trends come and go, the timeless elegance of pearls remain throughout the decades. Another way to include pearls in your style is through pearl tip nails. Pearl tip nails can also be referred to as a pearl French manicure. It calls for pearl polish — instead of the bold white polish used for French tips — giving nails a touch of an iridescent sheen. It’s an elegant middle ground between French and American manicures. However, as elegant as pearl tips sound, they don’t have to carry a heavy price tag. Since pearl tips are a type of French manicure, consider investing in your favorite shade of pearl polish and a DIY French manicure kit instead of visiting a nail salon.

Pick Your Pearl

There are plenty of pearl shades to choose from varying from satiny whites to sparkling pinks to steely grays. Pearl polish is easy enough to spot by looking out for the word “pearl” in the name such as in Chanel’s “Drop of Pearl”, OPI’s “Pearl of Wisdom” and “Kyoto Pearl” — along with Misa’s “Pearl Princess” and “Achillea Pearl.” Carefully choose the shade that compliments your skin tone and your natural nail color. Remember you are only coloring the tips of your nails so the shade should blend well with your natural nail color as well as with the top coat. If you want to give your nails a little extra white or pink hue, use a top coat that adds a small hint of color without clouding the pearly sheen of the polish.

Pearl Tip Pens

Another option for applying pearl polish yourself is to use a nail polish pen. Nail polish pens limit color choosing power as colors come in one or two shades. However, this single step application process is much simpler than using a nail polish brush since there is no need to be wary of residual polish. Nail polish pens have a felt tipped applicator much like that of a magic marker. After ensuring the polish is well mixed by shaking the pen, color in the tips of your nails with the pen. The pen offers a convenient way to do quick touch-ups when your pearl tips begin to chip.

Acrylic Pearl Tips

When your nails won’t grow fast enough, acrylics offer a simple solution if you want longer pearl tips. Acrylic pearl tips are available in beauty stores and online. Since the only difference between pearl tips and regular French tips is the color, you would apply them as you would French tip nails. Shade options are the most limited for acrylic tips, yet they are easier to care for since acrylic is longer-lasting and more durable than natural nails.

Presenting Radiant Fingertips

Pearl tip nails can add a touch of radiance to your fingertips while adding a hint of shimmer to any wardrobe or style without making it look too calculated. Their pearly luster can give your look an extra dose of uptown elegance or can even accent a casual look. Another otherwise mundane run to the grocery store or laundry mat can be an excuse to show off the fashionable appearance of your pearly tips.