Eyebrow tattoos define your brow line using a pigment injected under your skin. The permanent makeup procedure can fill in sparse eyebrows or create all new eyebrows. The results depend on your condition and the look you want to achieve.

Tattoo Process

Eyebrow tattoos are applied in a manner similar to other body tattoos, using a tattoo coil machine. A technician uses the handheld device to inject pigment under your dermis with a needle. Typically, the procedure is completed in three visits:

  • Consultation: During this visit, you work with your technician to determine the eyebrow shape, color and thickness that suits your face and natural coloring.
  • Initial application: At your second visit, your permanent eyebrows are tattooed onto your skin based on the choices you made during your consultation.
  • Follow-up application: A couple of weeks after your initial application, the technician can adjust the shape and color of your eyebrow tattoos as you wish.

Target Client

Individuals opt for permanent eyebrows for convenience and for health reasons, including:

  • Hair loss: Loss of hair, including eyebrows, from chemotherapy treatments, alopecia or other conditions may lead individuals to consider permanent eyebrows.
  • Allergies: Those with allergies to makeup may enjoy the benefits of permanent cosmetics, including eyebrow tattoos.
  • Arthritis: Applying makeup can be difficult for arthritis patients, who may appreciate the convenience of eyebrow tattoos.
  • Light eyebrows: Light-haired individuals may not have well-defined natural brows to work with and desire a more polished look.
  • Sparse eyebrows: Individuals with sparse eyebrows, with missing hairs and bare patches, may appreciate the definition that eyebrow tattoos can provide.

Eyebrow Appearance

During the consultation visit, your technician will evaluate your face shape and natural brow line, and help determine the right eyebrow tattoo shape for you. Your technician will also assess your skin tone and hair color to determine the right pigment, then carefully blend hues to design one just for you. You can opt for subtle or bold tattoos. Your technician can fill in just a few sparse hairs to create the appearance of fuller brows or recreate your eyebrows with full brows in a bold color.

Long-Term Outlook

Eyebrow tattoos require some upkeep. Like any tattoo, permanent eyebrows fade over time and require color re-enhancement or color refreshing roughly every two years. The darker the color of pigment, the longer it will last; black eyebrow tattoos will generally last longer than dark blonde ones. During re-enhancement, the technician adds pigment to faded areas, and can make changes to the color or shape, too.