While the classic white wedding cake will endure, many brides want to break free of the basic and try something trendy or surprising. Fortunately, the opportunities abound to express your own sense of style at your wedding. From Gatsby-inspired metallic towers to bare layers, cake designers are branching out and offering something to suit every bride. Tailor your cake to your taste, color scheme and the style of your big day.

Magnificent Metallics

Make a bold statement with a metallic cake. Whether you bring in just a touch of edible glitter or gold leaf embroidery, or cover a whole layer or the entire cake with silver or bronze frosting, depends on how opulent you want the cake to appear. Choose this style for a wedding inspired by glamorous old-Hollywood or The Great Gatsby.

Beautifully Bare

For an all-natural or country-inspired wedding, opt for a naked cake. Instead of covering the entire dessert with frosting or fondant, these bare cakes feature exposed sides with frosting and other fillings peeking out between each layer. The laid-back look shows off all of the cake’s components and creates a lovely stripe pattern. These cakes look especially beautiful topped and filled with fresh fruit.

The More the Merrier

Rather than feature a single, stacked cake, forgo narrowing down your choices and offer a table full of four to six smaller cakes of different flavors and styles. For example, you might present one two-tiered, fondant-covered cake surrounded by a ruffled-cake, a pale-pink polka-dotted cake and a flaked coconut cake. This idea works for nearly any wedding, from formal to casual, as long as you choose individual cakes that match your wedding style. While this gives you latitude to feature multiple looks, choose one thing to keep consistent so the cakes still look cohesive, such as color palette, flowers or display platters.

Perfect Pie

Forgo cake altogether, or supplement it, with a variety of pies. Especially appropriate for autumn weddings, a pie bar offers options for those brides who simply are not fond of the sugary sweet taste of wedding cakes. Surround several full-sized pies — such as pecan, pumpkin, apple or chocolate cream — with mini, individual pies. The inviting, homey look will remind guests of family and celebrate the start of your own family.

Radiant Ruffles

Cover your entire cake or full, individual layers with ruffles for an elegant look. Whether you choose to go with monochromatic frills or different tints of the same color, the look will work for both formal and more relaxed weddings. Ruffles may be applied in all one direction, encircling the cake with layer after layer, or in a bunched manner, swirling in all directions. Add flowers or sugared fruit sparsely between layers or atop the cake.

Bright, Bold and Beautiful

Embrace bright color to make your cake pop. Whether you bring in your wedding colors as edible ribbons surrounding the base of each layer, polka dots scattered over the entire cake, or a single layer in bold fondant, your cake will become a decorative feature. Flowers, whether real or made from gum paste, offer a classic way to brighten up your cake. Cascade blooms down the sides or choose an especially bright blossom to top the cake.