Biting right into a peach is an obvious way to consume the sweet, juicy fruit, but they also may be enjoyed in desserts, atop salads, paired with savory dinner dishes or featured in condiments such as salsas and chutneys. However you prefer to eat the fruit, the key to enjoying it is to choose a quality peach. Look for sweet-smelling and firm but not rock-hard peaches absent of brownish bruises.

Peachy Keen Ideas

Fresh peaches make a great addition to dessert dishes; grace cake tops with thinly sliced peaches or reduce them with sugar and water on the stove to create syrups for drizzling on sorbets. But peaches aren’t limited to dessert; they successfully can be incorporated into savory meals. Use sliced peaches to brighten up garden salads; diced peaches add a sweet kick to hearty salsas; and quartered peaches add flavor when roasted with pork tenderloin. Grill peach slices for a few minutes on each side to add a smoky element, which is good for pairing with grilled chicken or adding to chutneys.