Angel food cake is a delicious, light cake that goes well with cool spring afternoons or warm summer nights. One of the traditional ways to serve an angel food cake is to add strawberries and whipped cream. But the shape of the cake itself offers opportunities for some creative cake decorating, and there are many different approaches that you can take.

A Tire Cake

If you are making the cake for car or motorcycle aficionados, you might want to make your angel food cake into a “tire.” Use a spatula to cover the entire exterior with a dark chocolate frosting. Then, use a lighter colored chocolate frosting in an icing bag to squeeze out the tire tread for the sides. Since you will have to turn the cake to do this, you may need the help of a second person.

A Carousel

If you are making your cake for small children, an idea they are sure to love is to make the cake into a carousel. Begin by covering the angel food cake with whatever frosting color that you prefer. Use a different colored frosting in an icing bag to draw spirals around the cake to give an impression of motion. Then insert red and white candy canes in the top of the cake to serve as poles. Prop large chocolate animal crackers against the cane canes.

Swimming Hole

If the cake will be taken to a swimming party, a good approach is to turn the cake into a waterfront scene. Cover the cake with a light chocolate frosting to represent the ground. Then use a bright green frosting in an icing bag to make grass around the top. Place a small circle of cake in the center, and cover it with a light blue frosting to represent the water. Use the spatula to give it little waves. Add little plastic figures to the top. Remove these as you slice the cake.