Show off your beautiful face simply by pulling your bangs away from your eyes. Bangs allow versatile options with hairstyles because you can create a variety of looks with a few tricks and bobby pins. Try a different hairstyle for your date night or a day trip to the mall with your girls, and discover what look you prefer. Always spritz your hair with hairspray to maintain a flawless look.

Slick Back

Slick your bangs back for a dramatic appeal to your hairstyle. Apply a gel to your bangs prior to pulling them back, and use a comb to distribute it evenly. Gather your bangs in one hand and gently pull backward toward the crown of you head. Use your other hand to comb back any stray hairs that may have caused a bump or loose hairs. Place one bobby pin horizontally in your hair from left to right. Place another bobby pin, right next to the first one, going right to left to secure. Spritz your hair lightly with hair spray.

Bang Bump

Bump up your bangs to create a look for both day and evening. Make sure your hair is completely dry before beginning. Gather your bangs in one hand and pull upward. Spritz the back of your bangs with hairspray, and use a teasing comb to back-tease your bangs. Gently pull your teased bangs back toward your crown and slightly push the bump forward. This will give added height to the bump. Insert two bobby pins going in opposite directions to secure the hair. Lightly spray the bump with hairspray, and smooth out any loose ends with a comb.

Side Bump

This look is similar to the bang bump but is pulled to the side for a more casual look. The side bump will start with dry hair parted to one side. Pull the bangs upward to the side and lightly spritz the backside with hairspray. Gently pull the bangs back at an angle and use your hand to slide the bangs forward to create a bump. Secure the bump with two bobby pins inserted in opposite directions. Spray with hairspray to secure.

Side Sweep

Give a dramatic appeal to a side-swept bang. Part the hair on one side and brush the bangs forward. Using one hand, pull your bangs to the prominent side tightly and secure with bobby pins. If your bangs are long enough, you can cover one eye for a very dramatic look. The hair will hit slightly behind the ear. Spritz with hairspray to secure.