Shaving and waxing are two effective ways to temporarily remove hair on your legs. You can get your legs waxed at a salon or do it yourself with a safety razor or home waxing kit. Both methods have pros and cons, and your choice may depend on effectiveness, cost, convenience and safety considerations.

Beauty Concerns

If beauty is your priority, choose waxing over shaving. Waxing completely removes the hair, while shaving cuts the hair at the level of your skin. If your hair is very coarse, shaving can cause razor bumps when newly cut hairs curl inward and grow into your skin. Shaving can also leave you with visible little black stubs, whereas a wax leaves your legs totally bare. In most cases, you only have to wax once a month, versus having to shave every couple days. With waxing, your hair grows back more healthfully and thinner instead of coarser, Tulane University dermatology professor Mary Lupo says in “Women’s Health” magazine.


Shaving is less expensive than waxing. Getting your legs waxed at a salon costs on average between $40 and $100 for a session each month, according to A home waxing kit can cost $20 to $70 for the kit, and $10 to $15 for replacement wax. For a month of shaving, all you need is a few razor blades and shaving cream, making it the cheaper way to get rid of hair.


If you’re considering waxing your legs at home, heed these safety warnings. According to dermatologist Doris J. Day in “Women’s Health” magazine, wax can be dangerous, especially if you’re new to it. If it gets too hot or you don’t remove it properly, your legs can suffer burns and scars. Pulling off the wax can also be painful. If you take prescription acne medication, avoid waxing altogether. These medications make your skin burn more easily. Don’t take them for three weeks before waxing to be safe. Shaving, too, can be painful if you nick yourself or experience razor bumps or razor burn.


When it comes to convenience, opinions vary widely. Some women consider shaving more convenient and efficient than waxing at home or at a salon. You can conveniently shave in the shower or bath, and it doesn’t involve the mess or occasional pain of waxing. For others, going to a salon and forgetting about hair removal until their next waxing appointment is the most convenient option.