Lotion requires little effort to remove from your hair. In fact, some men and women place lotion in their hair, when unable to use conditioner, to control frizz and add shine. To remove lotion from your hair you may use your regular shampoo, though you will need to wash your hair several times to ensure you remove all the greasy residue left behind.

Wet your hair in the bath, shower or a sink. If necessary, you may use a cup to scoop and pour water over your head to wet your hair.

Squeeze a quarter-sized amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand. Rub the shampoo between your hands. Use both hands to massage the shampoo into your hair and create a lather all over your head.

Lather your hair from root to tip to work the shampoo into your hair and scalp. Scrub the shampoo into the hair on the sides of your face and directly above your forehead, the areas of hair most prone to becoming greasy or oily.

Rinse your hair in running water or by scooping and pouring cups of water onto your hair. For the best results when rinsing, use running water from a shower head, tub or sink spout or hand sprayer attached to a kitchen sink. Rinse until you completely remove the soap from your hair.

Repeat the steps above to shampoo your hair a second time. This second washing ensures that you remove all lotion reside that remains in your hair.


  • To remove thick body butter and lotions that found their way into your hair, you may need to use a shampoo specifically for oily hair. You may also try washing your hair with two or three drops of grease-cutting dish detergent.