If you seek a brand-new, trendy look, consider a shag layered haircut — a cut with enough versatility to work with most hair textures and lengths. You must simply consider the placement of layers to ensure that the cut works with your particular face shape. A shag layered cut is an easy look to maintain due to its naturally messy and carefree appearance.

Short Hair

If you have short hair, your options are more limited because you just have less hair to work with. But don’t worry; the look can still work for you and it can still be easy and flattering. Create a few choppy layers all the way around, or add a few shaggy layers to frame the face. Be careful if you have very thick hair: Lots of choppy layers might add too much volume up top. If you have fine hair, you can create more layers, which will add thickness and weight to your hair. You can also use hair color as a way of enhancing a few layers.

Medium Hair

Medium hair is extremely versatile, allowing you to opt for lots of layers and, in turn, pump up the volume of your hair. If you already have thick, coarse hair, fewer layers will give you a lighter, smoother look. Remember to ask for uneven choppy ends, which add movement to the cut. Tailor the cut to your face shape; you can enhance your features by strategically placing layers. This hairstyle works well for naturally wavy hair, which it can turn into the ideal bed-head hair.

Long Hair

Long hair looks best with a few layers; too many layers will just look sloppy. You can ask the stylist to use a razor, which will give the shag haircut texture and movement. If the look isn’t drastic enough or the cut doesn’t effect a big enough change, you can always add face-framing layers or side-swept bangs. It will pull the layers together and give you that edgier look.

The Looks that Don’t Work

Most people can pull off this hairstyle. However, it might not work the best if you have extremely curly hair because it will make your hair appear thicker and more voluminous (probably not a department in which you are lacking). It also isn’t flattering on very frizzy hair; the layers will just frizz out, making it more obvious and poofy. The haircut might be too high maintenance because you’ll need a great deal of anti-frizz serum and product.