A v-cut hairstyle looks good on almost any type of hair. It adds volume to straight, thin hair by removing dead ends while still keeping the hair long. It’s easier to work with, because there’s less hair. It’s easy to style, because the sides are light and easy to lift and secure into place. Whether your hair is long or short, straight or wavy, the v-cut hairstyle could work for you.


Wear your hair long and healthy by cutting the bottom into a v-cut style. With your head titled forward and all of your hair swept behind your shoulders, have someone begin cutting diagonally down each side of your wet hair. Start low for a wide, less sharp V and to keep more length on the hair. You could always go back later and cut more off the sides. Make sure the V ends up directly in the middle of your head.


For shorter v-cuts, opt for a choppy, razor-cut style with lots of layers. Use a razor to cut diagonally in the back, making sure both slanted sides are even. How slanted you want the V is up to you. Then, add layers all of your head and around your face, using the razor, to keep the style choppy and jagged. To style, use gel or mousse to separate layers, and then hairspray into place.


Half-up hairstyles look great with v-cuts because of how convenient it is to pull the shorter, lighter sides up and away from your face. Use your fingers to gently lift the shorter sides. It’s up to you how much hair you decide to lift. Then, clip these lifted sections in the middle of the back of your head with a barrette, a hair clip or bobby pins. Opt to curl this raised section or to leave it straight.


Instead of cutting a v-cut style into all of your hair, show off v-cut bangs instead. Cut your head of hair straight across, and then take a small section of hair in the front, making it as thick as you want your bangs. It’s best to start thinner and add thickness as you go. Cut each side of this front section on a diagonal to create v-cut bangs. Make sure each side is even and that the V ends up directly in the middle of your forehead.