Ricotta cheese is a versatile, healthy and delicious product that can be used in both sweet and savory foods. It is high in protein and calcium and can contribute to a nutritious diet.

Savory Dishes

Ricotta is great for stuffing shells, dumplings, perogis, lasagna, gnocchi and ravioli. It can be used in combination with other cheeses, herbs and meats.


Ricotta is the classic filling for cannoli, but it can also be used in recipes for cheesecake, blintzes and crepes, combining the creamy richness with a tart contrast of fruit. Add it to fruit smoothies for extra protein.


You can enrich a diet with healthier calories by using ricotta cheese in the recipes for waffles, pancakes, breads, cookies and muffins, adding extra healthy calories.

Fresh Preparations

Ricotta is excellent when eaten as a cheese with a little jam or fresh fruit. It is a great addition to crackers as an appetizer with a bit of salami or green olive. Serve it as a side with spicy dishes to cool your tongue.


If you are a little adventurous, try salting and pressing your ricotta to form a hard cheese known as salata.