Women’s underwear typically consists of two pieces of fabric, one in the front and one in the back, that are joined by seams at the sides and the crotch. Women’s underwear styles are generally categorized by the amount of rear coverage, the height of the waistband and the width on the sides.


Briefs are the traditional style of women’s underwear, offering full coverage in the rear and on the sides. Sometimes called “granny panties,” briefs are often worn by heavier or older ladies who like the support of full coverage.


The bikini style of women’s underwear generally consists of a high cut on the leg and fairly narrow strips of fabric at the sides. Bikinis offer less rear coverage than briefs and are often worn under low-rise pants.

Boy Shorts

Boy shorts, sometimes called boyleg briefs, are a snugger version of men’s briefs. Boy shorts offer full bottom and hip coverage and are often worn to smooth out lumps and bumps under slim-fit clothing.


The thong style of women’s underwear consists of a small triangle of fabric at the front with a crotch that extends to the back. Thongs eliminate panty lines by leaving bottoms mostly bare.


The G-string is the skimpiest type of women’s underwear. G-strings have a little string of material that runs from the front to the back of the garment, offering no rear coverage and barely covering the vagina.

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