Types of Alcohol Shooters

By David Pritt

Alcoholic shots are an exciting way to get any party started; if you do them right, they can be highly impressive to your party guests. However, as with any type of alcohol, it is important to carefully monitor and limit your consumption for your own safety as well as that of others.

Making your own shots can be significantly cheaper than visiting a bar.

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Jell-O Shots

Jell-O shots are a classic shooter ubiquitous at college parties, tailgating events, and anywhere else you may need to intoxicate a large group of people on a small budget. The main advantage to this type of shooter is that when the Jell-O solidifies, it provides an easy and tasty vehicle for whatever liquor you choose to add. Make Jell-O shots by replacing half the water in the original recipe with your favorite liquor. Beware, however, as using all liquor without any water can cause the shots to be watery and never form into gelatin. The traditional recipe calls for adding vodka or Everclear, but you can get creative with combinations like lime Jell-O with tequila for margarita shots, or sweet tea vodka with lemon Jell-O for an alcoholic "Arnold Palmer" shot.

Jager Bombs

Jager bombs are a popular shot at many bars because they combine liquor with caffeinated energy drinks. Because of the high amount of caffeine and taurine in these drinks, it is important to limit the amount you consume in a single sitting. Also, because of the energy drinks, it can be difficult to discern how intoxicated you are; therefore, you must keep a close watch on your alcohol consumption. Make Jager bombs by pouring equal parts of chilled Jagermeister with Red Bull Energy Drink.

Where's-the-Bacon Shots

Despite the name, "where's the bacon" shots are not recommended for early morning consumption, although they are perfect for late night breakfast-food cravings. Make these tasty shots by mixing one part butterscotch Schnapps with one part blueberry vodka. You can take it one step further by serving the drink with a shot-glass of orange juice as a chaser. The effect of this shot will have you swearing that you are drinking a plate of pancakes in alcoholic form. One shot will have all of your guests asking, "Where's the bacon?"

Irish Car Bombs

Irish car bombs are a quintessential shooter and a must-have for St. Patrick's Day festivities. Be warned, however, these shots are not for the faint at heart and should only be consumed by the most advanced bar patrons. The shot consists of a shot glass, half filled with Bailey's or some other Irish cream and half Jameson or other Irish whiskey. This shot is then dropped into a pint glass, filled three-fourths of the way up with Guinness draft beer. It is important to note that this concoction must be consumed in a few quick gulps as soon as they shot is dropped into the beer, as the Irish cream will begin to curdle in the beer if you allow them to mingle for too long. The effect of the shot is something like chugging a pint of alcoholic chocolate milk. Perfect for a dessert drink or simply a night out on the town.