By Molly Prather

Many women prefer short hairstyles to long, tangled manes. Some of the biggest celebrities sport short, sexy tresses that accentuate their facial features, especially eyes and cheek bones. Here are a few of the latest trends.

portrait of a young woman smiling
credit: George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images


Oscar winner Diablo Cody recently chopped off her locks into a short, sexy pixie cut. Pixies are great because they are hassle-free. Just wash, add a little bit of product to give it some shape and you're set. They're also low risk when it comes to coloring because even if you don't love the color, you just have to grow it out a bit, cut it off and start over again.

Chin Length

Gennifer Goodwin of "He's Just Not That Into You" fame and Rachel McAdams of "Sherlock Holmes" both wear their hair chin length in soft, easy waves. Chin-length hair on a casual day-to-day basis doesn't require much effort but can also be styled with rollers and curling irons for dramatic evening looks.

The Bob

The bob is a trendy, yet classic hairstyle that has been worn by everyone from Paris Hilton to Katie Holmes. Bobs can be either blunt cut or layered and worn with or without bangs. For a dramatic look, blow-out hair to be super straight and finish with a high-gloss polisher.


Asymmetrical short hairstyles have been made popular by Rhihanna. It gives a bit of an edgier, high-fashion look. So, if you're looking for something a bit more dramatic, this may be the look for you.

Sexy Soccer Mom

Kate Gosselin, up until her recent foray into hair extensions, has made the sexy soccer mom haircut famous. The cut is longer, about chin length in the front while the back is short and made spiky with the use of products such as gel and hair spray.