Topknot Hairstyles

By Fiona Miller

Topknots, or buns as they are commonly called in the United States, are an elegant and sophisticated way to keep your hair out of your face. Use a topknot hairstyle when going to a formal event or as a functional hairdo: Use it to keep your hair in place when doing sports, housework or manual labor.

All the Hair Up

For this hairstyle, gather all of your hair at the back of your head. Braid your hair, or simply twist it into a bun or topknot (the secret to it being a topknot is to secure it farther up on the top of your head). Secure your hair with bobby pins. For variations on this hairstyle, part your hair at the center or to one side before pulling the rest of the hair back. You can also experiment with braiding different things into the hair like ribbons or colorful cords. For extra flair, place a headband or hair jewels in your hair.

Two Buns

This topknot hairstyle works best on younger children, although it is good for adults while doing housework or other manual labor. With this hairstyle, part your hair down the middle. Secure into two high pigtails. Braid each pigtail and secure with with a band. Next, twist the hair into two buns, placing several bobby pins in each in order to keep them in place. You can also braid things like ribbons or colorful cords into the hair. You can also add a headband in the front of your hair to keep bangs or fringe out of your eyes.

Half Up, Half Down

This hairstyle is best for semiformal or formal occasions. Before you begin, you can choose to part your hair to one side, or simply gather the entire top half of your hair on the top of your head and secure with a band. You can choose to braid the loose hair and then twist it into a bun or simply keep it as is and twist it. With the remaining hair hanging down, curl it with a curling iron for a little bit of elegance. Spritz a bit of hairspray to make sure your hair holds. Place a headband in the front for extra sophistication.