Before selecting a style for your male toddler, decide how much time and effort you are willing to put into styling his hair every morning. If you are a mom on the go, you may want to select a shorter, easy-to-style look that takes little more than a wash and a brush. Also, determine how long your little one is willing to sit still for grooming and how active he is, because some hairstyles can turn into a mess in mere minutes.

Long and Curly

For a boy with curly hair, medium-length to long, and curly, can be quite adorable. This style is usually maintained with a wash and detangler. Be ready to spend time combing these locks because depending on the texture of your son’s hair, it may become tangled easily. Use a small amount of hair gel to keep the locks separated and perky throughout the day.

Short All Over

A short-all-over haircut can be best for a busy mom. This haircut requires a mere wash and dry and always looks well-kept. If your toddler is one who is always getting messy, it’s also easy to clean. Because you won’t have to brush it, this hairstyle will save you money on hair products such as detangler, gel, mouse and even a brush.

Faux Hawk

Many parents are opting for the hip faux hawk style. This style is characterized by a cut that is short on the sides and back of the head, with locks that are a little longer on top. The longer locks are usually spiked up with a small amount of gel in the form of a mini-mohawk. This hairstyle takes little more than a comb and gel to maintain, and is easy-to-clean because it’s basically a short-style cut.

Part and Sweep

This style is another that is shorter in length on both sides of the head and the back, while remaining longer on the top. The top portion is parted to one side and combed over. This hairstyle is appropriate for toddler boys with fine — or at least straight — hair, and it looks clean-cut. This style looks great in a formal and casual atmosphere and is easy-to-maintain.