No matter what your natural eye color, you can make them pop out further by using the right kind of eye makeup. Before you apply eye makeup, make sure you apply foundation to your entire eye area, including under your eyes to hide any dark circles or blemishes. Choose a shade of foundation lighter than your skin tone because this will result in a more natural look.

Blue Eyes

Good colors to enhance blue eyes include shades of brown, gray, taupe, purple, camel and violet. Avoid using blue eye shadow because it tends to look unnatural. Brown shades are the most flattering for blue eyes because the brown contrasts with the blue eye color, highlighting every shade of blue in the person’s eye. If you want a smoky-eyed look, aim for black, charcoal or pewter shades. Pick brownish black or jet black mascara for all looks. Eyeliner shades suited for blue eyes include brown shades, camel, taupe, charcoal, dark green, black and dark blue.

Green and Hazel Eyes

Shades of plum, mauve, pink, purple, dark gray, charcoals, all shades of brown and black work well for green and hazel eyes. Shades of green work on green eyes except for any electric or bright shades of green because this will result in an artificial look against the true color of the green eye. Colors that most enhance green or hazel eyes include mocha, warm apricot and lavender. Pick forest green, brownish black or black mascara, and eyeliner in shades of deep purple, dark or golden browns, charcoal, shades of plum, navy blue or black.

Brown Eyes

Ideal colors for women with brown eyes include different tones of brown, golden browns, bronze, dark grays, black or a deep navy blue. While brown-eyed women–and some hazel-eyed women–can wear almost any shade of eye shadow as long as they apply and blend it correctly, best bets to enhance the brown include bronze, copper, pink, rich apricot and plum, khaki green or champagne. Pick only black or brown mascara, and eyeliner in shades of brown, dark gold, bronze, deep navy blue, black or dark grays.