Caring for and enhancing the skin does not have to be limited to the face. Sexy glistening arms and legs make you feel confident in your skin. It is not necessary to have tan skin to do so. There are ways to make the skin dewy and shiny no matter the skin shade or tone. Get shiny, supple skin and feel fabulous while showing it off.

Bronzing Oil

Scented bronzing oil creates sexy, glistening arms and legs. The scent is an added benefit. Most of the over-the-counter scented bronzing oils have floral scents or those associated with summer, such as coconut and gardenia. The oil is shiny with a bit of bronzer that imparts a light, healthy glow to the skin. Bronzing oil only lasts until you wash it off with soap and water.


Exfoliate your skin using a body scrub that contains brown sugar. Not only does this do an effective job of removing dead skin, but leaves a sexy sheen on arms and legs. Use the body scrub while in the shower. Use hands or a washcloth to rub it on arms and legs. Rinse off and the result is dewy and glowing skin.

Shimmer Moisturizer

A body moisturizer that contains shimmer imparts a subtle glow on arms and legs. Myriad over-the-counter products suit this need. The moisture in the lotion, paired with the soft shimmer, gives you the sexy, glistening arms and legs you desire. Shimmer moisturizer works well for both pale and tan skin tones.

Tinted Gel

A tinted bronzing gel can give the skin on arms and legs a bit of color. Tinted bronzing gels are temporary and wash off during your next shower or bath. Exfoliate the skin prior to applying, so it goes on smoothly. Apply it using your hands and wash the gel off of the hands afterward.