Tips on How to Wear Headbands With Bangs

By Kay Ireland

Headbands are extremely popular for the summer months to keep hair out of your eyes. And with new styles and colors rolling out daily at some of your favorite retailers like Claire's, Forever 21 and Wet Seal, you have endless options to choose from. If you have bangs, you may not be sure how you should wear a headband. You can use headbands to highlight your hairstyle, or keep your bangs back while growing them out.

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Layered Look

If you want a headband to highlight your layers and hairstyle with your bangs, you can do so easily. You'll want to be sure to blow dry your hair so that is has a little volume, and then flat iron it straight so that it lays well. Try blow drying your bangs while brushing them to the opposite side that you usually wear them. Then you can slip on the headband and pull your bangs over to the side you wear them on. They'll have a voluminous lift from blow drying them on the wrong side and sweep sexily across one of your eyes for an alluring look.

Pulled-Back Bangs

If you are growing your bangs out and they are at the awkward stage where they seem to be constantly falling in your eyes, a headband can remedy that. However, because you're pulling all of your hair back from your face, leaving it bare, you may want to have your hair curly to add some more bulk so that your hair doesn't look flat when pulled back. Choose a headband with teeth that can grip the hair and pull it back securely and neatly. Put your head forward, and slide the headband on. Spray with hairspray before flipping your head back over.

Highlight Bangs

If you love your straight, thick fringe of bangs, then a headband can help you highlight them by pulling the rest of your hair away from your face, leaving your bangs the star of the show. Style your hair however you want, as this style is very forgiving. Then, slide the headband in, but don't have it make contact with the top of your head until it reaches the roots of your bangs. Just after that point, you can place the headband down on the scalp. You may have to pull a few wayward strands out to perfect the look.