An avocado contains many vitamins, nutrients and phytochemicals important to a healthy diet. It is a versatile fruit that, when added to any meal, adds flavor while helping reduce the risk of some chronic diseases and cancers. Avocado combines well with citrus juices, creamy sauces and a variety of spices. Make many delicious dishes for every meal with avocados and enjoy the fresh, delicious taste and health benefits they provide.


Guacamole is only the beginning of the avocado’s use in appetizers for every occasion and there are several variations of the recipe. Avocado blends well with a variety of ingredients and seasonings for appetizers. Combine avocados with cilantro, lime juice, olives, oregano, bacon, tomatoes and cucumbers as well as cheeses, such as cheddar and feta, to make appetizers. Dip wedges into beer batter and fry, mix cubes with radishes and cucumber for a quick salad and grill halved avocados for tasty finger foods. Serve avocado appetizers with seafood or meat dishes.


Serve avocado with any type of egg dish for a nutritious breakfast. Make omelets, burritos and frittatas with avocados and any combination of potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and olives and top with feta or cheddar cheese. Season to taste with lemon or lime juice, cilantro or oregano. Top French toast with mixed fruits, including avocado slices or chunks, and syrup. Make an avocado spread for bagels or toast. Add avocado to your favorite smoothie recipes for a quick breakfast.


Add slices of avocado to burgers with salsa or tomatoes. Make quesadillas with avocados, bacon, blue cheese and tomatoes. Avocados are delicious added to corn or seafood chowders, or combined with zucchini or roasted eggplant in creamy soups. Sliced or cubed avocado can be added to a chicken or egg salad sandwich on a bun, bread or wrap. Bland turkey and chicken get a zesty punch from an avocado relish mixed with mushrooms, onions and tomatoes, or pineapples, onion and mint. Burgers need few condiments when avocado slices are added to the bun.


Toss pasta with an Alfredo sauce made with salmon, avocado and a spritz of lemon juice. Top a pizza crust with black olives, feta cheese, cooked chicken, onions and avocados for a twist on a family favorite. Chunk avocados and mango, and toss in a mango-lime dressing to serve with grilled shrimp over couscous. Make hearty steak tacos or fajitas with avocado, onions, corn, peppers and seasonings such as cumin, cilantro, garlic and lime juice. Stuff avocado shells with lobster, cheese and seasonings, dip in batter and deep fry.


Serve avocado for dessert at family dinners and parties. Make a mousse with avocados and pears. Add avocado to a cream cheese and sour cream mix for your next cheesecake. Whip up a creamy avocado shake with condensed milk and ice or add it to your favorite cannoli shell with ricotta cheese and pistachio nuts. Combine condensed milk and cream cheese with avocados to fill a graham cracker crust; garnish with toasted coconut. Serve cool, refreshing pineapple, avocado and citrus sherbet at the end of a meal.