The best tip by far when choosing the most comfortable garment — from a pair of jeans to a bra — is to dress for your body type. For example, plus-sized females squeezing their curves into styles that flatter less endowed frames will find themselves uncomfortable throughout the day from pinching and the need to readjust their cups. However, knowing how to choose the right bra for your shape and frame will help you find the most comfortable bra.

Have Yourself Regularly Measured

Have your bra size measured regularly. It seems wise to measure your bra size when a 2004 study by Wacoal America suggests 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra. This results in back pain and poor posture. To buy a comfortable bra, ensure that you know your size. A woman’s body is forever changing, so don’t feel embarrassed to ask a sales associate to properly measure your size each time you buy a new bra. By properly assessing your size, you will be one step closer to ensuring that the bra you buy will comfortably support your curves.

Don’t Go Too Small

Don’t squeeze into a small bra. Easier said than done, as many plus-sized females feel limited in the options offered to them. If this is you, change the habit by visiting retailers who specialize in bras for larger cups. If you have ever compressed your curves into smaller styles, stop the habit, as too-tight garments only squeeze and pinch the skin — not to mention that bras smaller than your size create a “spillage” effect. When trying on a bra, ensure that you look and feel comfortable. Never settle for a bra that is too tight or doesn’t fit right, as you will never be able to look and feel your best that way.

Don’t Go Too Large

Do not buy a bra if it is too large. It seems simple to think that you wouldn’t buy a bra one size to big. However, some women wear a band that is too large in an effort to minimize their curves. If you’re seeking to minimize and flatten your chest with a minimizer bra, do not buy a larger size, as this will add excess weight to your shoulders. You can create the illusion of a smaller chest in a minimizer — just ensure you choose a style that contours to your shape and allows room for adjustment if your weight fluctuates. Your shoulders will thank you in the long run.

Be Picky About Your Fabrics

Buy bras in either a Lycra or spandex blend. These materials are comfortable materials for plus-sized females as they stretch and move with you. When you are well endowed, invest in a bra that gives you adequate support. Cotton might feel great against your skin but won’t move with you and give you the support you need. Satin is pretty and smooth, but if made from nylon and polyester, it can itch.