Lia Sophia is a leading fashion jewelry direct sales business. It has been in the Kiam family since 1986. It is a business, which stresses the importance of family. Its mission is to help women succeed in the world of work and still have time to focus on family.

Time Frame

Victor Kiam purchased Act II Jewelry in 1986 and changed the name to Lady Remington.


Victor Kiam created the lifetime guarantee that is still offered today. Customers may get their money back within 45 days of their purchases and exchange their items within 120 days at no expense. After 120 days, there is a $5 fee.

Direct Sales

Victor Kiam had his son, Tory, analyze the direct selling industry while Tory was a graduate student at Stanford University.

Tory Kiam

After Victor Kiam’s death in 2001, his son, Tory, became president of the company and changed the name to Lia Sophia after his two daughters, Lia and Sophia.


Lia Sophia prides itself on its incentive programs for the customer, hostess, sales adviser and manager. It offers a buy program for the customer, 20 to 40 percent in sales for the hostess, and 30 to 40 percent in profits for the adviser and manager.

References and Resources

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