Found in the central nervous system is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that produces GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). This neurotransmitter stops signals produced by stress from reaching the central nervous system. GABA is known as a natural tranquilizer in the brain, helping in the reduction of muscle tension and stress and promoting relaxation and a calm feeling.

Increasing GABA Naturally

It's possible to increase the amounts of GABA in the body naturally by eating foods rich in glutamine. Foods rich in glutamine are oranges, brown rice, oats, citrus fruits, lentils, spinach, almonds and walnuts. A person with a GABA deficiency can take GABA supplements that come in tablet, capsules, powder or a tea form.

The Effects of GABA on Children

For those children who suffer from hyperactivity disorder, taking a GABA supplement daily may help to alleviate the condition and provide a calming affect to the child. GABA supplements have also been known to promote clear thinking and alertness. Learning disabilities in children have been related to ADD and hyperactivity, making GABA supplements helpful. Hyperactivity and learning disabilities result from an inbalance in the brain from a deficiency of neurostransmitters.

A Natural Ritalin

When children are able to take GABA supplements, they often become much calmer and are able to have clearer thoughts without any feelings or signs of being drugged. Every cell in the body contains a natural GABA receptor that the brain has control over. The natural GABA produced in the body stops cells from producing anxiety and stress-related messages. GABA is very much like a natural tranquilizer.

GABA Supplements

In children as well as adults, GABA supplements can help treat a lot of different health issues, such as sleep disorders, obesity and hypertension. Students often choose to take GABA supplements to help increase their concentration. If children are deficient in GABA (amino-acids), diet alone is not enough to provide an adequate amount for the body to function properly, which is why supplements are available.

GABA Warnings

It's always wise to speak with your family doctor before taking GABA supplements. Choosing the GABA that fits your particular needs will help to prevent exceeding the recommended dosage. High levels of GABA can increase anxiety, promote seizures or possibly be fatal. Side affects of taking GABA supplements are numbness and tingling in certain body parts or shortness of breath.

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