The good news — kiwi fruit, the little green-seeded ovals with the fuzzy brown skin, are sweet, delicious, juicy, nutritious and can be eaten plain or added to fruit salad or fruit pizza. The bad news — that fuzzy brown skin is tough, not very tasty and can be devilishly hard to remove. Unless you have superior knife skills, carving or peeling the brown skin off a kiwi will also peel away most of the yummy green fruit beneath. There is a better way.


Things You'll Need

Slice both ends off a ripe, but not overripe, kiwi with a clean, sharp knife.

Slide a teaspoon carefully into the kiwi between the flesh and the skin, just under the skin. The bowl of the spoon should be curved against the rounded fruit.

Slide the spoon all the way around the kiwi fruit, separating it from the brown fuzzy skin just as you would with a halved avocado. The whole kiwi fruit should pop right out of its skin.

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