Lint is a pesky problem that people typically have when they wear dark clothes. When removing lint, care must be taken not to damage the clothing in the process. Lint is attracted by static electricity, so you probably have the biggest problem with clothes coming out of a dryer. Use a fabric softener to eliminate lint before it begins to cling to your clothes.

Lint Removal Products

There are products on the market that very effectively remove lint from your clothing easily. Lint rollers are round items covered in sticky paper that roll over clothes and pick up any lint or hair. You can also get lint brushes, which are covered in a velvet material that attracts lint away from your clothes. Lint shavers are also available, which effectively shave pills and lint balls off of your clothes and deposit them in a reservoir for removal later. All of these are very effective ways of removing lint.

Home Remedies

If you are stuck in a position where you need to remove lint from your clothes, but don't have a commercial product with which to do so, you can make your own with a few items from around your home. Get a common rolling pin and wrap it in masking tape, sticky side out, to make your own lint roller. Or you can use a disposable razor run lightly over the garment to remove any unsightly pills from the fabric. Or you can simply wrap some tape, sticky side out around your hand, and you can brush the garment with it to remove the lint.

Severe Lint

Scouring pads are an effective way of getting rid of very stubborn lint or pills. Simply purchase a scouring pad from your local grocer, and roughly scrape the pad on the garment. This method is not for delicate fabrics, but works well on sturdy wools. An eraser sponge works will on stubborn lint on more delicate fabrics like cotton and polyester. Use it wet to sponge away any traces of lint that you might see.