Eyeliner application is the picture frame for your entire makeup look. If you have smaller eyes, a makeup look without eyeliner can leave you looking “undone.” Many people are afraid to wear eyeliner because they lack the confidence to apply their eyeliner correctly. With different eyeliner styles available, almost everyone can find a type they can use. The most popular type of eyeliner is the wooden pencil. Spend time practicing your eyeliner technique to get an attractive eyeliner application.

Things You'll Need

Eyeliner Pencil

Wash your hands with antibacterial soap. This will protect your eyes from any infections or viruses transferred by hands.

Stand or sit in front of a clear mirror in good lighting.

Apply your face makeup and your eye shadow. Do not apply your mascara yet. Put on mascara last.

Open your eyeliner pencil. Check the tip to be sure it is sharp enough for a good application.

Sharpen your wooden pencil if needed.

Warm the tip of the pencil by placing it between the tips of your thumb and forefinger. Hold the tip for a few seconds.

Apply eyeliner first on your top lid. Start drawing the line at the innermost corner of either your left or right eye. Draw the line halfway across the top lid near the lashes. The line should stop above your pupil.

Finish the line by drawing from the outer end of the eye to meet the first line you drew.

Draw your eyeliner under your eye starting at the outer corner and drawing inward, stopping at the pupil. If your eyes are small, stop drawing the bottom line here. This will leave your eye with a more open look.

Draw your eyeliner from the inner, bottom eyelid to meet the line you drew earlier.

Use a sponge tip eye shadow applicator or a slanted eyeliner tool to smooth the line on the top eyelid. Drag the tip of the tool across the eyeliner smoothing it out.

Repeat these steps for the other eye.


  • Experiment with different pencil colors to find the best one for you.