Puffy eyes are a common condition that affect many people. Typically, puffy eyes are not indicative of a serious medical condition, but rather a cosmetic concern. Unfortunately, dark and droopy-looking eyes can make a person look tired and aged. Several home remedies and dermatological treatments are available to control and reduce eye puffiness.


Some of the most common causes of swollen eyes are fluid retention, allergies and aging. Fluid retention occurs for several reasons such as a lack of sleep, consuming salty foods or fluctuations in hormone levels. For people with allergies, puffy eyes occur as a common allergic reaction to most allergens. Aging also plays a role in the development of puffy eyes. As we age, the muscles and skin around the eye area weakens and begins to sag, causing bagginess and tired-looking eyes.

Avoid Allergens

One method of treating puffy eyes is to reduce allergy symptoms. This includes avoiding allergens — any substance that causes an allergic reaction — such as perfumes, pollen, soaps, hair dyes, cosmetics, grass, dust, and anything else you are allergic to. When necessary, use an over-the-counter allergy medication, or talk to your doctor about prescribed allergy medications.


Lack of sleep causes puffy and tired-looking eyes. Getting enough sleep at night is one of the most effective treatments for reducing eye puffiness. Aim for a minimum of seven hours of sleep each night. Sleeping with the head slightly raised also reduces puffiness, as it prevents the accumulation of fluid around they eyes during the night.

Cold Compress

Another effective treatment for reducing eye puffiness is applying a cold compress to the eye area. Several types of cold compresses can be used, including chilled teaspoons, small bags of frozen rice, cold slices of cucumbers or potatoes, chilled gel masks, tea bags soaked in ice water, or ice packs.

Dermatological Treatments

In addition to home remedies, dermatological treatments are also available to reduce eye puffiness. During an eye lift procedure, a doctor uses an electric probe to melt the fat under the eye, and tightly pulls the skin back. This procedure is a relatively quick outpatient surgery, effective for many years. Other dermatological treatments include wrinkle fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane, chemical peels and laser treatments.