The best soccer hairstyles for men and women are those that keep hair out of the eyes and away from the face. Soccer players need to see their opponents and their teammates; missing a pass could result in a lost goal. Some of the more popular hairstyles for men include the mullet, faux hawk, spiky, shaved and ivy league hairstyles. Women tend to keep their hair longer, at least shoulder-length, and tie it back in pony tails and with headbands to help keep any stray hair out of their face.

Women’s Hairstyles

Hair pulling will result in a penalty, and is painful and distracting. While some women opt for short hair cuts to avoid this, longer hair pulled back in a pony tail is easier to keep off the face. According to NCAA rules, women cannot wear hair clips or bobby pins to keep shorter hair off the face. Pull your hair into a high ponytail and braid it as an alternative to a regular ponytail — or braid into cornrows. A tight French braid is also a popular option.

Men’s Spiky and Faux Styles

Male soccer players use hair gel to keep hair up and away from their faces and give it style. The spiky style features short hair, cut in the same length around the head, and spiked with gel so it stands up. The faux style is a mini mohawk; hair on top of the head is longer and gelled to slightly stand up, while hair on the sides is cut shorter but not completely eliminated.

Men’s Mullet, Cornrow and Shaved Styles

Mullets came into fashion in the 1980s with Italian player Roberto Baggio. The mullet allows players to have a short cut in front while sporting a longer ponytail in back, keeping hair away from their faces. Cornrows allow men with longer hair to keep it out of their eyes, while the shaved style is one of the easiest to maintain.

Men’s Ivy League Style

The ivy league hairstyle features short cut sides and an oval-shaped section of slightly longer hair on top. Steven Gerrard is one popular player who wears the ivy league style. The style keeps hair off the face and offers a more reserved look than spiky or faux hawk styles. It is easy to maintain and short enough to quickly style.