Makeup for women of African descent, Asian descent and other ethnicities has become increasingly available, according to “Asian Faces.” Makeup that flatters all skin tones is sold in stores or through customization companies.


Makeup for women of color is available at many kinds of stores. Many department stores sell brands, such as Iman, that make large ranges of shades. Some drugstore brands offer special lines formulated for women of color’s skin tones, like CoverGirl’s Queen collection.


Women of color can buy customized makeup to guarantee the right match for their skin tones. The customization processes varies according to the manufacturer, but generally requires customers to submit a picture of the desired color. This makeup costs about the same as department store makeup.


Women of color should buy sample sizes of products to try out the makeup before committing to full-size items. They should also see their makeup in indoor and outdoor light so they know what the makeup looks like in different conditions.